Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update from Arizona Pizza

I received this official response today. The restaurant is claiming the mother misrepresented the actual events. I dunno.

This is probably the best perspective, from http://womenshealthnews.wordpress.com/2008/06/09/let-me-tell-you-where-you-can-put-that-napkin-another-woman-illegally-told-to-stop-breastfeeding/: There have been some reports that this story was made up, and that the pizza place has video proving that it did not happen as reported. I cautioned earlier that it had not yet been properly vetted, but that businesses in states with breastfeeding laws should review them, as this type of incident does occur.

Arizona Pizza restaurants were created to provide a casual, family oriented atmosphere where people gather to enjoy great food in comfortable surroundings and where all customers are treated with respect and dignity. Our corporate policy is to make sure all guests are treated fairly and can comfortably enjoy their experience at any and all times while also abiding by all state and local laws. In a situation where a guest became offended by a nursing mother, it is our policy to relocate that guest to another area of the restaurant, as the mother has the right to nurse. Any transgression of this policy is taken seriously by the franchisor as well as the franchisee, as was the recent case in Ft. Myers, Fl. After the franchisee at the located reviewed the security tape of the entire episode, there appears to be a misrepresentation by the mother of the actual events, which have been noted on her interview with FOX. However, we have launched a training session on this topic and have incorporated new material into our training manual to prevent any future incidents of this nature.

We hope you have an opportunity to visit our restaurants so you are able to witness for yourself the type of customer service we always strive to deliver.

William L. Stevens, President

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