Friday, June 26, 2009

Packing lists for the girls

When we're travelling somewhere, I have plenty to do to get ready. The kids always want to help, but it's hard to give them a task that doesn't have me tripping over them, or them packing 17 random toys in the suitcase.

Enter the child-friendly packing list.

I got the idea from an article in Cookie magazine, and adapted it myself. It's simply a table in Microsoft Word filled with clip art.
I circle what they should pack. I write in how many in the little bubble. They check off each item as they gather it. For car trips, we usually pack into a laundry basket or two instead of a suitcase, so that makes things easier.
I should probably distinguish between short- and long-sleeved shirts because the girls often grab the wrong shirt for the weather. I also haven't figured out how to get across the idea that they should pack outfits that match. Maybe I should draw a line between tops and bottoms. Or just get over it.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is such an awesome idea! I can think of some stuff we could use a chart like this for. You're so creative, Sue!

As for the outfits, I'd let the girls pick. I think there's something cute about kids picking their own outfits. But that's just me...

Liz Kalina said...

Yea yea, cute cute, whatever. Point us, you are paying far too much attention to the little rugrats, and not enough time updating your all-important blogs!

How are the girls? I see Addy is about as good about updating her blog as her mommy. Is Dori using the computer yet? I'd love to see updates as much as you can get them up. :)

By the way, I have posted a food blog, if you are interested. It's on blogger too, so should be easy for you and the girls to check on once in a while.
"What Won't I Eat?"

Talk to you soon!
<3 Liz

Liz Kalina said...
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