Thursday, February 12, 2009

The bead-up-the-nose incident

A month later, I'm able to reflect on the night Dori stuck a bead up her nose and finally laugh about it. We spent part of the day making bead necklaces, and for some reason Dori thought this shiny red Lifesaver-looking bead would be just perfect up her right nostril. Of course I wasn't in the room and learned about it when Addy came running and yelling.
I couldn't get it out on my first attempt. Having no idea how large the bead was, I was worried it was smaller and would be snuffed up into her sinuses. I was finally able to push it down from the outside and extract it. Ugh.

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Growing, Loving and Learning said...

lol! I think we have some things in common! Audra put a mint up her nose last week. We almost took her to the ER because we couldn't even see it, but I put one in water and figured out it dissolved quickly. Had it been a bead, we would have been in trouble!