Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nasty old sweater turned fabulous

My sister Kathy gave me china for my birthday.

I'm giving her a chunk cut out of a sweater I found in the free box at the church rummage sale. I upcycled this old wool sweater into something better ... this handmade flower brooch.

It was argyle, so feeling whimsical I decided to retain the diamonds and use them as leaves. I shaped them with a little nip and tuck.

The flower was once a portion of sleeve.
  1. To make, cut a piece of the purple about 2 inches by 8 inches, with the grain running the short way.
  2. Fold that in half the long way, wrong sides together, then baste along the raw edges by hand with a running stitch.
  3. Simply roll up the long piece, tucking under the raw edges until it becomes an appealing rose shape. Stitch the underside to keep it in place.
  4. Cut out two diamonds for leaves.
  5. Pinch them from the underside, about in the middle, and tack, forming a leaf shape by hand and adding tacks as needed.
  6. Stitch the leaves to the bottom of the rose.
  7. Sew on a safety pin or brooch pin.

No surprise, this sweater has also spent time as a diaper. A large piece from the front became this butt sweater for Dori, and the cuffs formed the leg openings (peeking out under here dress here). You'll have to use your imagination, but the bottom is super cute with the argyle.

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Anonymous said...

Cute flower! It's so fun to make stuff from old sweaters!