Saturday, October 4, 2008

"I don't have hands."

Someone tell me what I am to do about this. Just what is the natural consequence?

Me: "Time to clean up the toys."
Dori: "I don't have hands."

Me: "Dori, could you please put this over there?"
Dori: "I don't have hands."

Me: "Let's put your mittens on. It's cold out here."
Dori: "I don't have hands."


Liberal Homeschooler said...

Oh! I never noticed you have no hands. Well... I guess I'll have to eat this (insert favorite goodie) all by myself. It must be so hard to eat with no hands.

Luke said...

...where in the world did they get that? [smile] Kids are so odd.

For me, I'd say, "Well, you have elbows, right? Better use those." Or toes (assuming that is an acceptable body part of the task).

Mittens? Let the fingers get cold... and then they will learn they have hands... or get frostbite and loose their digits, in which case they will no longer have hands. [smile] Nothing like a personal object lesson.


Mrs. C said...


And *imagine* bumping into Luke again LOL! We have a lot of friends in common.

Difficulties arise when one wants to eat a chocolate-covered donut when one does not have hands. I think your girl is a smartie. :]