Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You're just trying to get us to buy all your stuff.

Bob and I have apparently done a good job of raising a child aware of consumerism and not willing to let retailers do a mind-meld on her.

Addy, Dori and I were at the mall with my mother (we go to the mall rarely) and I decided to walk into Gymboree. The clerk greeted us with a super-cheesy, "We're still doing Gym-bucks!" as if I know what the buck that is.

She went on to tell us about all the great benefits we'd receive for spending at least $50 today (as if) and the discount we'd get off of $50 next time (big as if). Then, "And we just did a lot of markdowns, so there are sale items all over!"

Addy: "You're just trying to get us to buy all your stuff."

The clerk didn't even get the 5-year-old's sarcasm. So she went on to tell her, "Oh yes, there are lots of great buys today!"

When she said, "Girls, the TV is on in the back for you," that's when we left.

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