Friday, February 22, 2008

If my head hasn't exploded yet, maybe it never will.

All this happened in one, 24-hour period. This is what 2-year-olds are like. Happy 2nd birthday, Dori!

First Dori shoved six toothbrushes down the bathroom sink drain before bed. The pop-up on the drain was broken, so she just saw a black hole of opportunity. This picture was taken the next night. She's showing me that she's NOT shoving her toothbrush down the drain.

After lunch I dared to take a phone call from a friend. In just a couple minutes she did this with her black marker. I told her that she's supposed to color on her paper. Her response? "I did!" Well, yeah, but ...

At night we went into the bathroom — again after only leaving her a couple minutes — to find a new $3.99 box of Q-tips all over the floor, wrapped up in three partially unravelled rolls of dental floss.
This evening she made mountains out of strawberry yogurt on the kitchen table while eating her snack. No picture. I can't stand it any longer.

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