Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gone batty

Last night I got the family to bed early so I could lay out the breaskfast dishes and Addy's books for her first day of homeschool kindergarten. I was also attempting to get myself to bed at a decent hour. I was just about finished in the kitchen when a large bat flew across the table. After ducking, shrieking and swinging (in that order), I decided that this was worth waking up Bob.

I had a laundry basket on my head and a yardstick in my hand. We (and by we I mean he) finally got it to fly out the sliding door after it circled the other downstairs rooms several times.

This afternoon I opened my e-mail to read that rabid bats have been found in our area of the state. Great.


Michele said...

Ok, I just happened to come across your blog while surfing and gosh, it's hilarious. Yes, I realize these are everyday events that take place but they are somewhat amusing the way you put it all together. You should write a book, I'd buy it!

Sue said...

Michele, you are too kind. Amusing? Sad? It's all good.