Wednesday, August 22, 2007

March 16, 2007

Sometimes when Addy first wakes up she waxes philosophical. Among the first statements out of her mouth this morning:

  • “Happy is something you should have in your heart.”
  • “If I found a lot of bird feathers, maybe I could fly.”

Meanwhile, Dori has learned to say, “Hi,” or, more accurately, “Hi, hi, hi.” The words are coming now.

Someone gave Addy a fingerpainting set featuring Ariel, the Disney mermaid. She made a comment about how cute Ariel is. I wondered aloud if the mermaid was smart, or brave, or kind. Addy said she didn’t think she was brave, but was sure she was smart — and also pretty. We talked about what makes a person good and, as usual, Addy was quick with an honest answer. I was attempting to help her see that pretty isn’t part of a person’s character. I asked, “Do you know anybody who is a really good person, but not very pretty?” She finally understood. “You!” she answered, pointing at my face. Ugh. Lesson over.

9 p.m.: More Addy philosophy. “Isn’t milk great? It makes you strong, and healthy, and I love it!”

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